<Okushiri Guest House ~Imacoco~>

It is only two minutes on foot to the closest hot-spring from our guest house. It commands a beautiful view of the sunset. Our motto is “to treasure our meeting.”

<About “imacoco”>

We are here together miraculously by accident now! Ima means “now”, and coco means “here.” We will become aware of the miracle of sharing a time and space by slowing down. We are here now, not in the past, not in the future. We are here now (imacoco) together!

<Guest House>

This guest-house is run by a family. We will welcome you as another family member of ours. You can just use this place as a place to stay, but I hope you will share some work by preparing tables for suppers and doing dishes after the supper. We would like to create a community where everybody communicates with everybody else.

<Types of Rooms>

  • Dormitory for both men and women (Shared Rooms for Men)
  • Dormitory for only women (Shared Room for Women)

Check-in at 14:00  Check-out at 10:00. 


  • 5,500 yen per person for a room only. Pay in advance (Credit cards will be accepted)
  • We do not set any other prices for other miscellaneous services, such as pick-ups, air-conditioning, charging for children under 6, providing tour guides. Please give us some tips for such services. You can pay tips by working for us!
  • We will give you some discount for a long stay. Please consult us about it.


Plan ① Cooking by yourself. 

  • You can use kitchen tools and seasonings equipped.
  • We are selling rice by the Go (like 1 Go, 2 Go (es) . . . 1 Go is about 150grams.)
  • Bring your own ingredients for meals.

Plan ② Eating out

  • Recommended eating out before check-in. There are no restaurants around the house.


Tapped water here in this area (Kamuiwaki) of Okushiri is the Spring Water from Mt. Kamui. It is sacred and tastes so good. You may get some spiritual power by drinking this natural water.


Use the public bath of Natural Hot Spring, called “Kamuiwaki Hot Spring”.

It costs ¥420 for adult, ¥160 for U-12.


  • Free Wi-Fi, Kitchen tools, Seasonings, a Washing Machine, Hunger and Hair-dryer


Tooth brush – \100

Rice 1 Go - \100

Imacoco Sticker – Small \100, Big \200


  • Keep valuables safe by yourself.
  • No Smoking.
  • You can use the community room 24h. at night, please keep calm. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • There is no curfew, but please keep quiet when you come back or get out.
  • Make your bed (lay Futons) by yourself. Make sure that you use (futon) sheets and a pillowcase.
  • Put the sheets and a pillowcase you used in a designated place on the first floor when you check out.


Yuto Sotozaki(owner)

Born in Sapporo in 1988. Put all the energy for playing soccer before attending college. Pulling a Rickshaw in Kyoto, experienced travelling as a back-packer, and after teaching English at high school for 5 years, moved to Okushiri Island in January 2018. Made his long-held dream of owning a guest-house come true.
2021, Certified as an outdoor guide by the Governor of Hokkaido. Worked in education from elementary school to college. Love Okushiri island!!


Born in Fukui in 1988. Became a kindergarten teacher. Moved to Hokkaido after her marriage. Working hard a mother of 3 children. Likes sweets. Baking bread is her favorite free time activity.


Born in Kushiro in 2014. Likes bananas. A perfect lion-at-home type of person. A good mood maker too!

Kiduki (daughter)

Born in Kushiro in 2017. Likes eating! Eats a lot! A loud speaker! Very kind elder sisiter:)

Tsumugi (daughter)

Born in Fukui (Homecoming birth)in 2019. Super healing girl. She loves Natto!!